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This are some graphics that I made in Game Maker Studio, there are in low-res (humans are on 128px image height). With this assets I dont make a videogame yet, so now I put it on sale.

You need animate things with code or bones, so here are only the pieces.

The pack contains:

  • 8 biomes: desert, prairie, forest, tundra, arctic, rocky, dark, ocean (each has fauna, flora and minerals).
  • 9 floor circled tiles to make the biomes (8 biomes plus shallow water).
  • 12 flying animals: parrot, dragonfly, vulture, eagle, mosquito, jellyfish, chicken, bee, beetle, owl, fly, dove.
  • 7 carnivore animals: tiger, brown-bear, polar-bear, red-wolf, golem, vampire-cat, crocodile.
  • 8 hervivore animals: monkey-dog, ostrich, rabbit, penguin, bull, goat, mouse, insectoid-frog.
  • land animals composed by 3 sprites (paws, body, head).
  • 7 underground / underwhater animales: desert-worm, crocodile, whale, frog, shark, big-fish, fish.
  • 7 tiny animals: ant, scorpion, spore, snail, spider, ant-mimic, bacteria.
  • 7 animal nests: anthill, bird-nest, rabbit-hole, frozen-bacteria, honeycomb, hibernating-golem, spider-web.
  • 4 trees for each biome (desert, prairie, forest, tundra, dark), each tree with 3 parts: trunk, leaves, cut-trunk.
  • 4 minerals for each biome (desert, prairie, forest, tundra, arctic, rocky, dark), each mineral with 5 sub-images representing wear.
  • many small natural decorations (flowers, rocks, grass, etc) for each biome.
  • human body with: head, female-body, male-body, foot, hand, genitals, and a heterosexual sex animation (one skin colour).
  • 16 hats / hairs for humans (without bald).
  • 4 shoes for humans (without barefoot).
  • 50 suits for humans (without nude).
  • 16 pants for humans (without nude).
  • 10 items for humans to carry on the back.
  • 1 catapult for humans to carry on the back, with 6 sub-images.
  • 9 projectiles to be launched.
  • 7 objects: fish, meat, bread, fruit, log, iron, battery.
  • 100 tools aprox. for one or both hands, for example include: bows and arrows, magical staffs, musical instruments, melee weapons, firearms, explosive weapons, artistic tools, work tools, shields, food, gloves, books, backpacks, balls, desk tools, etc.
  • 8 circular shadows.

Legal use:

  • once purchased you can use them commercially in your software without extra payment problems.
  • commercial games should have Omwekiatl name in credits, non comercial they are not required, but it would be nice.
  • you can modify the assets for your own use.
  • You cannot share or resell the assets, whether they have been modified or not.

Feel free to give ideas in comments , complaints or suggestion to make some that you need in your game.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

omwekiatl_asset_tribmonigots.zip 2 MB

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