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This is a strategic multiplayer LAN/online game (for Windows), so you need a friend to play. Note: 2 players can play, but we recommend 3 players or more to have maximum fun.

A turn based game keep the players waiting for one player actions, this is a cycle based game, so each player has their own turn cycle, in that aspect, one player can reach more cycles if take fast decisions.

You can fight with military, ideological or economical power, and in more than 2 players you can ally with someone to destroy anotherone, the possibilities are many.

Each cycle has 3 steps: build, send, wait.


Each building takes a turn to be built, and more time to disappear if it is destroyed.

  • HOUSING: it generates population each some cycles.
  • CROP: it generates money every cycle.
  • BARRACKS: to give weapons to the citizens.
  • FORUM: to increase te citizens happiness, give hats.
  • TOWER: can shoot at enemies.
  • UPGRADE: each building has 3 possible improvements.
  • DEMOLISH: deconstruct buildings or cut down trees.


Select a shipping type, select an addressee player and select the units to send with mouse or automatically with maximum adjustment.

  • INVASION: military attack on another player.
  • SIEGE: military attack that can destroy buildings.
  • PERSUASION: ideological attack that can take citizens away.
  • ROBBERY: try to take money from another player.
  • SELL: economic attack that indebts another player.
  • DEFENSE: help a friend military.
  • GIFT: help a friend by sending money.
  • EMIGRATION: gift citizens to a friend.
  • ESPIONAGE: take a picture of another player's map.
  • RETURN: return your citizens in mission.


You can just wait 10s, or select some units and command they to reach a position (like RTS), this can be done once per cycle. The game has some random disasters too:

  • METEORITE: a rock that hit the ground, can destroy buildings.
  • STORM: dense clouds in the floor, it reduce productivity.
  • PROTEST: citizens are more easy to persuade.
  • EPIDEMIC: the citizens are weakened to fight.
  • SAVAGES: a group of hominid aggressive animals.


  • 5 Types of buildings.
  • 3 Improvements for each building.
  • 10 Types of shipments.
  • 3 Ways to conquer: military, ideological, economic.
  • 2 Resources: population and money.
  • 5 Random disasters that can hit some player.
  • Units command like RTS.
  • LAN connection.
  • Online connection.
  • Chat support, to talk with all or with a specific player.
  • Minimap.
  • English and Spanish languages.
  • Player limit: what the network supports.
  • Main menu with war simulation.
  • Notificacions.
  • Discord group to know people to play.
  • Full information in tooltips.


Two games can connect only if both of them has the same version.

We recommend LAN connection if you can use it. In the main menu you select LAN and find players with the magnifying glass button. If you use a VLAN, type the IP of that net to search in it. Otherwise type the player IP to find one by one.

In Online mode, you should select it in main menu, next the IP is replaced by an online ID, if you use the magnifying glass button, it puts you in search mode to find other search mode players. Otherwise type your friends ID and connect with each one by one.

Discord group

(this is in a test period, because it needs it to improve gameplay, and you can help)


JodaMonigotica_v4.zip 50 MB

Install instructions

Note, sometimes it is detected as malware, because it open an http connection to be online, I can repair it in the future publishing it on official plattaforms like Steam

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