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This is a zombie survivor videogame, but instead of zombies you must kill live papers, the strong of this game is to be played cooperatively between players, the features are those:

  • 4 players in same PC (only 2 players in keyboard), automaping of 4 gamepads.
  • 3 player classes (mele, distance, support) with 4 habilityes every one.
  • 4 special interaction between classes (mele+distance, distance+support, support+mele, and all 3).
  • 10 powers that appear in the map.
  • 8 maps of different size.
  • 9 classes of enemies with differente powers.
  • 9 mini bosses too.
  • 1 rock boss.
  • 2 enemy spawn modalityes (balanced, and chaotic).
  • 2 life modalityes (one life to every one, and infinite life while all alive).
  • 10 best players, online highscore.
  • many discurses and clues.
  • player points and global points counter.

Note: the game needs yet testing for balancing difficult parameters, it works well in 2 players, small maps, chaotic spawn mode.

Support Gamepads.


Muchapa_v131.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

now you dont need external gamepad apps

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