Is a mini-game (Puzzle) where you need only one button to make the difference between a purely chaotic system and one managed by you, and the score is saved localy and online.

It has a beautyful message about life.

(español / english)

(I recommend download executable, to save score)

In depth... the game is an artistic performance, when you born you dont select where, how you live, along the steps of life you are in a chaotic chance of luck or misfortune; so the game system is chotic and random; but with a single action, a button, the will, can change the life to be in good lucky path.

Like a child, when you start, it will be difficult difference bethween good and bad things, only the recurrent gamer can take advantage in reach higher scores, knowing the good and bad items.

Developed for The People's Jam 2021, because I haven't free time (for work), I decide make it in a day, but take day and half (thematic "new World").


Download 6 MB

Install instructions

for Windows (not install), is not a virus, but windows defender is a jerk ._.

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