A downloadable game for Windows

Here you are a vampire, with 3 monstruous forms, beast / vampire / spectre. Each one has advantages and issues in fight. So now is time to survive day to day, and the humans not always be cowards.

This game is made to be handled only with a mouse, and let you to know the things for yourself... also has a tutorial / info, you can see it when you are in the cript, only use the clicks to see.

All the 2D art is made with colored pencils in a squared notebook

Support Gamepad.

Note: several changes was made before the Vampire Game Jam ends!!!


Vampiwis_v4.zip 21 MB
Vampiwis.pdf 667 kB
Vampiwis_cut.pdf 497 kB
Vampiwis_historia.pdf 1 MB
Vampiwis_history.pdf 4 MB

Install instructions

Download the Vampiwis.exe and execute it.
Mouse position to move.
Left and Right clic to handle the habilities.
Right clic inside the cript to see the manual.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Vampiwis_cut.pdf is the only one PDF that has not spoiler, it is the gameplay manual.

All the PDFs are included in the game Vampiwis.exe but you can see it here too.

Vampiwis.pdf is the game hand-book. Include: game manual, lore and vampiric theory.
Vampiwis_cut.pdf is the same but without lore (no spolier).
Vampiwis_history.pdf is the narrative book, narratives are in the game too.
Vampiwis_historia.pdf es el libro de narrativas, estas están en el juego también.

Original narrative languaje: español (spanish), recommended.


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