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A simple pandemic simulator, here you can see the dynamics, growth and basic parameters, so it shows the ways to control using isolation and quarantine.


Un sencillo simulador de pandemias, aquí podrás ver la dinámica de las mismas, su crecimiento y parámetros básicos, además ilustra de qué manera el aislamiento y cuarentena ayuda a su control.



  • save and open personalized maps.
  • build cityes (houses, edifices, airports, etc) in a realistic shape earth map.
  • populate cityes and forests with humans and wild animals, all they need energy to survive and spawn.
  • put virus infection in creatures, you control the virus parameters.
  • parametrize the creature energy consumption, make it inmortals or make humans work in edifices to obtain energy or not.
  • see how humans travel in ballons bethween airports.
  • see the plot of population, virus infection and deaths, by cyties or global, see data too.
  • kill creatures with clic hehehe.
  • wild animals can evolve parameters to cover all te biomes, so is a demostration of evolutive algorithms too.
  • cityes can take decisions automatically in function of world state.
  • you can close airports in some cityes or make quarantines to see how it affect the virus propagation.


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